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Road Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Road SafetyThe number one killer of young people is motor vehicle collisions resulting from ignoring road safety rules.  The roads are busier than they’ve ever been with high-speed vehicles and more traffic than ever.  People following the rules of the road and driving in a safe and conscientious manner is the only way that these statistics can be reduced.

Defensive driving courses are very important for road safety.  Learning how to handle your vehicle in all situations and to drive defensively can save your life.  When choosing a course, ensure that your driving school has accredited instructors and provides a combination of in-class and in vehicle instruction.  Operating a vehicle in safe condition is also important to you and those sharing the road with you.   A large number of accidents that occur happen because a vehicle is unsafe to drive on the road.  Having regular vehicle maintenance to ensure your vehicle is in good and safe working order is extremely important and will also extend the life of your vehicle.  Having your brakes tested and paying attention to the warning signs of failing brakes can safe your life.

When going out on a long or short road trip, ensure that your vehicle is in good working order and has sufficient gasoline.  Keeping emergency tools and supplies in your vehicle in case of an emergency is a good idea. Should your vehicle break down, it’s generally considered unsafe to deal with strangers. Putting a sign requesting a call for help and staying inside your vehicle is what most law enforcement agencies suggest. Keeping warm blankets and having food and water in your trunk in case of an emergency is suggested to keep you safe until help can arrive. Never pick up hitchhikers and keep your doors locked even when in traffic to minimize your chance of someone attempting to enter your car.  Always wear your seat belt and be sure all your passengers buckle up as well.

Keeping distractions to a minimum in your vehicle while on the road is a good safety precaution. The use of cellular phones, loud noise or unruly passengers can distract you from safely operating your vehicle.   Keeping a cell phone for emergency use is advised and many new vehicles are equipped with on board emergency services such as On Star.  Alternatively, maintenance clubs that will help you incase of roadside problems is a great insurance.

Keeping your vehicle in good shape, following the rules of the road and driving while alert increase your road safety and will help ensure that you arrive at your destination.