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The Critical Issue of Driving Safety.

Driving SafetyThe number one prevention of car accidents is taking driving safety measures.  It’s a known fact that driver error is the number one cause of motor vehicle collisions and many lives are lost every year based on car and truck accidents.

There are more vehicles on the roads now than ever and with today’s busy lifestyle, everyone is in a hurry and many people are multi-tasking while driving their vehicles.  Driving safety is often sacrificed for the ability to multitask.  Driver distractions are becoming more and more of a problem.

Cellular phones are excellent communication tools and are excellent for emergencies or for those who do business on the road but cell phoned can big a big impediment of driving safety when they distract the driver from paying attention on the road.  If cell phone calls need to be made the driver should do so when the car is pulled over. Many cities now have laws against driving while talking on the phone.  If your city allows this, you should consider using a headset and a hands-free device as well as making your phone call brief so you can concentrate on arriving at your destination safely.

If you feel ill or tired, don’t drive your vehicle.  Driving safety is only achieved if the driver is awake and alert.  If you become tired while driving and are unable to pull over safely to rest, you should eat something, open your window, sing along with the radio or whatever it takes to keep yourself alert enough to reach your destination safely.  If you are a new driver, you should keep distractions to a minimum. If you must carry passengers with you, ensure that they know you need to concentrate and keep noise and music to a minimum. And of course remember to not driving while under the influence of any alcohol, street drugs or medication that can impede your judgment or alertness. Even one drink can alter your ability to drive.

Many driving safety schools offer courses for drivers to take to help them understand all the needs and preventative measures to take when driving including following other traffic at a safe distance, respecting the rules of the road, driving at the speed limit and teach you how to drive carefully in inclement weather.  These courses are highly recommended and many insurance companies give drivers a break for taking them. Learning to drive from an untrained person can lead to incorrect driving habits. Road rage can be a real problem for some drivers. Always allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, check your local traffic show on the radio or television before leaving so you can plan your route and keep calm. It is better to arrive late driving safely than risk your life while in a hurry.